A Grief Observed

Today I have been revisiting old haunts, taking one of the long rambles that made me so happy in my bachelor days. And this time the face  of nature was not emptied of its beauty and the world didn’t look (as I complained some days ago) like a mean street. On the contrary, every horizon, every stile or clump of trees, summoned me into a past kind of hapiness, my “pre-H.” happiness.

C. S. Lewis – A grief observed


4 Respostas to “A Grief Observed”

  1. Great! I’ve never heard about it. I’m gonna check this out, since I have a good recomendation from you!
    DO you know if it is available in portugese?

  2. Just nice. Is this from a particular book?

    • Yep, its from “A Grief Observed” (Lewis wrote this after his wife’s death)
      “A very personal, anguished, luminous little book about the meaning of death, marriage, and religion.” (somebody’s opinion)

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